RESULT 0: Necessary PPF8 structures set and agreement reached on sub projects to be subject of PPF8 operations
  • Activity 0.1 Consultation of stakeholders;
  • Activity 0.2 Mobilization of NKEs and project office establishment;
  • Activity 0.3 Support MEI and Line ministries in initiating project selection phase;
  • Activity 0.4 Establishment of Project Management and Administration;
  • Activity 0.5 Clarification of project logic and scope review of existing documentation and preparation of the early cost estimates;
  • Activity 0.6 Preparation of the general Stakeholders Involvement plan;
  • Activity 0.7 Support NIC Technical Secretariat in organizing the National Investment Committee(s);
  • Activity 0.8 Drafting and finalization of the Inception report.
RESULT 1: Technical documentation for infrastructure projects (minimum 2 projects) from transport and environment sectors to be financed under IPA 2014-2020 programming period prepared in accordance with the Serbian legal requirements and EU standards and norms and ready for implementation
  • Activity 1.1 Preparation of the specific Methodologies for the sub-projects subject of PPF8 operations;
  • Activity 1.2 Realization of the surveys/site investigations for implementation of selected projects;
  • Activity 1.3 Preparation of selected projects documentation including preliminary assessment work, pre-feasibility studies, feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses, funding gap calculations, environment impact assessment studies, general project designs, the preliminary project designs, and the main project designs, as well as tender documentation necessary for tendering process;
  • Activity 1.4 Assistance to the Beneficiary in obtaining construction permits according to Serbian construction law;
  • Activity 1.5 Appraisal – screening of developed proposals;
  • Activity 1.6 Submission of projects to NIPAC, LMs and EUD for review and approval.


RESULT 2: Strengthened capacities related to preparation and implementation of the infrastructure projects of the main stakeholders in transport and environment sectors through implementation of the tailored capacity building programme
  • Activity 2.1 Assessment of technical basis/knowledge concerning the preparation and implementation of infrastructure projects in environment and transport sectors;
  • Activity 2.2 Identification and development of new concepts of capacity building for infrastructure project preparation;
  • Activity 2.3 Defining the tailor-made capacity building program addressing critical findings from the assessment;
  • Activity 2.4 Development of instruments needed for implementation of tailor made Capacity Building Programme for infrastructure project preparation and implementation;
  • Activity 2.5 Preparation of training material and delivery of training modules following the Capacity Building Programme for infrastructure project preparation and implementation;
  • Activity 2.6 Design of the training evaluation system to monitor and assess capacity building performances in structured manner.


  • Activity 3.1 Project Communication, Dissemination and Visibility;
  • Activity 3.2 Monitoring of project activities, outputs, progress towards results, assumptions/ risks;
  • Activity 3.3 Reporting.