Preparation and delivery of specialised training courses is directly linked to the required tasks that need to be performed to prepare and manage implementation of the infrastructure projects among PPF8 direct beneficiaries (these are institutions directly involved in the preparation of technical documentation of infrastructure sub-projects assisted by PPF8).

Project preparation requires understanding of a large number of topics ranging from legal to operational which can be beyond the capacity and necessity of many of the beneficiaries. In this respect, objective of specialised trainings is to enhance knowledge of PPF8 beneficiaries in using of, and assessing quality and completeness of infrastructure project preparation and implementation documentation.

Following TNA of the specific knowledge gaps and capacity needs of PPF8 beneficiaries, training modules are customised to the specific roles, challenges and capacity needs of the respective institutions as well as their specific infrastructure projects.

Specialised trainings are designed in a way to ensure:

  • Outcome based training approach;
  • Training based on case studies;
  • Harmonisation of sector specific training material;
  • Development of downloadable training material.
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