Capacity building

The overall objective of the Capacity Building and Training component of PPF8 project is provision of tailored capacity building programme through on-the-job assistance to the relevant Serbian authorities and formal trainings on the selected issues. The purpose of the PPF8 training component is to build up and strengthen Serbian institutions capacity to the level which ensures sustainable planning and preparation of major infrastructure investment projects in the context of EU funding requirements, primarily in the environment and transport sectors. The program will cover specific systematic changes which should be introduced in the Serbian system of preparation and managing of infrastructure investments, as well as operational level improvements which should be embedded in the Serbian daily practice activities.

The PPF8 team will ensure extensive usage of innovative and contemporary training tools and transfer knowledge techniques for infrastructure project preparation to the beneficiary institutions and involved stakeholders. Within the scope of capacity building component, customized training programs will be designed and developed based on extensive assessment of the specific training needs of different target groups involved in the project operations. In addition to the specific modules that will be implemented, on-the-job trainings will support the practical transfer of knowledge together with best practices and lessons learned related to specific issues relevant for the quality project preparation.