On Tuesday March 20th, 2018, public hearing and presentation of the updated EIA Study of the Major Overhaul of the Iron Gate I Navigational lock was held in the premises of the Municipality of Kladovo. The Study was prepared by the PPF8 team in line with the relevant legislation and previously submitted to the authorized ministries. Presentation and public hearing are part of the official endorsement procedure of EIA Study.

The EIA study has examined and evaluated the quality of the environmental factors in the area of the Iron Gate I, and based on performed analysis and evaluation, measures for prevention, mitigation and removal of negative environmental impact have been proposed. Planned overhaul works on the Iron Gate I will not significantly impact the environment, only minor impact is possible during limited period of civil works. All prevention measures will be applied during the execution of works on the Navigational lock so as to limit the possible negative impact to the environment.