Revised Inception Report and relevant Methodologies prepared during PPF8 inception period for each sub-project were approved at the second Steering Committee Meeting held on March 16, 2018 at the premises of the Ministry of European Integration. The meeting was attended by the SC members, namely the Delegation of the European Union to the Republic of Serbia (EUD), Ministry of European Integration, Consortium partners Louis Berger and GIZ, as well as the PPF8 team representatives.

The meeting addressed the PPF8 outputs in the last 5 months, including the EIA Study prepared for Major overhaul of the Iron Gate I Navigational Lock Djerdap as well as ToRs with specifications for all surveys and site investigations to be carried out for the 6 sub-projects. The line ministries have appointed relevant members, therefore Project Working Groups have been established with the purpose to ensure efficient coordination of activities and progress of each selected priority sub-project in the environment and transport sectors.

With regards to CB, draft Training Programme for delivery of specialised training courses has been prepared, including definition of most suitable concepts for training delivery. In the forthcoming period instruments for training delivery will be developed and implementation of Capacity Building activities will be intensified. The Proposed specialised training courses to be organized are targeting PPF8 direct beneficiaries and are focused on Preparation of Technical Documentation for Infrastructure Projects and Infrastructure project implementation. In order to proceed with planned activities, it is important to ensure involvement of people working in relevant institutions at central, and local (Municipal/City administration, PUCs) levels.

The next Project Steering Committee will meet after the end of August 2018, namely after the completion of 6-month Interim period.