On the meeting held on February 22, 2018 at the PPF8 project offices, the PPF8 team presented part of the Option Analysis for the Project Modernization of Velika Plana-Niš railway line. This project encompasses reconstruction of three double-track sections from Velika Plana to Gilje, in 49km length; Paraćin – Stalać, 22km length and 40km long Đunis – Niš section. The representatives of JASPERS, MEI, MCTI, Serbian Railways Infrastructure were also presented with the findings from the recent site visit of this railway line that included all railway stations and halts that will be subject of future reconstruction.

The current track conditions of these line sections are unsatisfactory and require urgent infrastructure modernization works, including new electrification, signaling and telecommunication systems. On many sections speed is restricted because of track conditions. The aim is to improve the capacity, safety and traffic conditions of the relevant sections and thereby establish fast, safe and efficient flow of freight and passengers.

The project will include reconstruction of this 111km long railway line that is part of the Pan-European Corridor X, and encompass necessary modifications of the alignment, that will allow speed up to 160km/h on the whole railway line from Velika Plana to Niš. The discussion between the meeting participants focused mainly on the design solutions for major structures on this railway route including reconstruction of stations, halts, roads, bridges, road crossings and underpasses/overpasses.

The PPF8 team will prepare a detailed Traffic Analysis that will complete the Option Analysis, defining the volume of passenger and freight traffic for the future, and number of stations and halts to be revised and optimized. Subject of discussion was also reconstruction of the OCL and power supply facilities as well as the required level of signaling system.